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June 18, 2013
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A/N: Here we go, another fluffy Ichigo x Reader~! This is kind of a sequel to Blind date, but it can definitely be stand alone =3 Enjoy! 
(H/L) Hair length, (H/C) Hair Color, (F/C) Favorite Color, (E/C) Eye Color, (Y/N) Your Name, (F/A) Favorite Animal

    You nervously smooth your (h/l)(h/c) hair down again while you wait for him to come and pick you up. He wasn't supposed to be there for a few minutes still, but you just couldn't help it. He was so sweet, thoughtful, and not to mention cute, you just didn't know what you had done to deserve another date with him! You pull on the front of your new (f/c) kimono lightly, loving how the material brought out your (e/c) eyes. He had invited you to come to the summer festival with him and his friends and of course you had agreed, especially when he informed you that Tatsuki would be there as well. The doorbell chimed loudly, jolting you out of your thoughts and making you jump. With one more glance in the mirror to make sure everything was in place you hurried down the stairs and to the front door. You smile as the door opens, revealing the teen you had longed to see since your blind date not even a week before. He stood tall, spiked orange hair gleaming in the light of the setting sun.
    "Hey." He greeted quietly, offering you a small smile. You return the greeting, already feeling your cheeks heating up from just being in his presence. His chocolaty brown eyes travel over your figure slowly and the smile widens a bit. 
    "You look beautiful." He compliments easily, holding out his hand for you to take as you lock the door behind you. You take his hand, blush intensifying as you stutter out your thanks. Tatsuki smirks at you from the sidewalk before joining the rest of the rather large group with a wink. You try to force the blush down as you approach the mass of people.
    "(Y/N), this is Renji, Rukia, Chad, Keigo, Toshiro, Mizuiro, Rangiku, Chizuru, Orihime, Uryuu, Shuuhei, and Izuru." He lists everyone in the group, pointing to each one in turn. "Guys, this is (Y/N)."
    The strawberry blonde woman, Rangiku, stepped up to you, running a critical eye over your form before grinning widely. You take a nervous step closer to Ichigo without realizing it and the grin widens.
    "So, you're the little cutie that stole our Ichigo's heart?" She purrs. You can feel your face heating up again and you glance up at Ichigo, noting that his face was as red as yours had to be and that he was pinning the grinning woman with a heated glare. You couldn't help the small giggle that forced its way from your throat and you quickly placed a hand over your mouth to stifle the sound. The tattooed, red-headed male at Ichigo's side, Renji, clasped his shoulder with a grin. 
    "She's adorable, man. Ya got lucky!" He laughed, hissing in pain when the short, raven haired girl slapped the back of his head. You briefly wondered how she could reach, but the thought quickly fled your mind as your hand was taken by the other orange-haired girl.
    "It's a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N)-san!" She chirped sweetly, grey-blue eyes shining with sincerity.
    "Y-You too, Orihime-san." You reply,a bit flustered due to all of their attention being focused on you. Ichigo sighs suddenly, gripping your hand just a bit tighter.
    "Can we just go to the festival, please?" He grits out between clenched teeth. You are a bit taken aback by the scowl on his face, but the others just laugh it off and start walking, falling into easy conversations. Ichigo walks in silence for a few minutes, leaving you feeling a bit awkward. Suddenly he slows down, separating the two of you from the group a bit. You look up at him in confusion only to see him looking at you intently.
    "Sorry about them," he states, bringing the hand not holding yours up to rub the back of his neck nervously, "I've never really dated anyone before, so..." 
    You cut him off with a smile, squeezing his hand reassuringly. He smiles back and picks up the pace again to catch back up with the group. Before long, the large group is entering the festival.

    The group split up after a few minutes, leaving only you and Ichigo in each others company. He laces his fingers through yours as you walk and you can't fight the smile that breaks out on your face, feeling content. You look around in awe at the lights of the festival booths as they blink happily at you. Suddenly Ichigo stops at one of the booths, looking thoughtfully at the prizes strung up around the game. Your eyes light up as you spot a large plushie of a (F/A). Ichigo follows your gaze and smirks, purchasing an attempt at the game. It was a simple ball toss game and he won easily before choosing the plushie as his prize. He handed you the stuffed animal with a blush and a soft smile and you grin up at him before pulling him down to place a kiss on his cheek.
    "Thank you." You whisper happily, hugging the plushie to your chest. He grins back at you before taking your hand again.
    "I think that the fireworks start soon." He stated as he maneuvered you through the crowd. You follow him to an empty hill not too far from the festival grounds, a beautiful spot to watch the fireworks over the river. He sat on the soft grass and you mirrored him before he looped an arm around your waist, gently pulling you to rest against his chest. You felt yourself blushing again but you didn't protest, simply settling into the embrace as Ichigo rested his chin on top of your head. The rest of the group slowly start making their way up the hill, each person sending the two of you smirks or 'aww'ing as they passed. You roll your eyes and feel Ichigo chuckle behind you. A loud bang drew your attention to the river in front of you, the fireworks had started. You relaxed against Ichigo as he pulled you into his lap, both arms now wrapped securely around your waist as the colors exploded across the night sky. Suddenly you feel lips pressed against your hair and you smile. You could get used to this. 

A/N: viola~! So, how was it? Let me know! 
I am a dummy!
Here's my second reader insert. Cute? Horrible? Let me know, kay? 
I don't own Bleach, yeah?
Link to the first one: [link]
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